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“There was a rock that, one day, became magically pregnant. 

Eventually it split open giving birth to a stone monkey.

The nature of monkey was irrepressible!”

Off the Ground Youth Theatre are re-telling one of the greatest stories ever written.  The classic Chinese novel Journey to the West is better known to most Westerners as Monkey, and it tells of a journey to India to collect Buddha's sacred scrolls.  Monkey is joined on the journey by the priest Tripitaka, the lecherous Pigsy and the water-demon Sandy.  But all is not easy for the four pilgrims.  They must overcome dragons, monkey-eating demons, Yama, King of the Dead and being imprisoned in a mountain for five hundred years before they can finish their quest!

Join us; bring a picnic, something to sit on and a thirst for adventure!

Royden Park Thurs 4th, Fri 5th and Sat 6th July.

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The Canterbury Tales

Off The Ground Youth Theatre Presents

 "The Canterbury Tales"

By Geoffrey Chaucer

This is an outrageous re-telling of Chaucer’s classic "The Canterbury Tales". If you’ve never seen this on stage it’s time to grab a bottle of wine and some friends and travel with our improvisational impresarios to Canterbury. On their way they lay bets on who can tell the tallest (often dirtiest) tale!  If you think classic literature is all tights and posh accents – think again. Say no more, except “where can I get tickets?”

"The Canterbury Tales" is on Thursday  14th to Saturday 16th March 7.30 at Calday Grange Grammar school.

Cabaret style, please bring your own alcohol.



1001 Arabian Nights

Off The Ground Youth Theatre  Presents

"1001 Arabian Nights"

"For a thousand and one nights they have forgotten to be afraid, but now, as night falls, and the lamps are lit.

We are the voice of an ancient story, which tonight, feels dangerously complicated."

 The Mon group have been delving into their imaginations to bring you a world of colourful characters and unusual happenings in their production of “1001 Arabian Nights”. The king having been spurned by his wife takes bride after bride from the village killing them all after a day until he weds Shaharazad! This clever young girl decides to tell him a story and each night longing to hear more the king lets her live. Come and join us on a journey through the spiced air of Arabia as we travel with Shazarahad for 1001 nights.

1001 Arabian Nights is on Thur 14th to sat 16th Feb 7.30 at Heswall Hall.

1001 Arabian Nights


The Blues Brothers

Its OTG Youth Theatre's 15th birthday, 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it.

OTG Youth Theatre is celebrating its 15th birthday with a night of music and dancing.

Come and join us on Sat 21st, 7.30 at Heswall Hall for a night with the almighty Blues Brothers and their band with special guests. 


Treasure Island

Off The Ground Youth Theatre Present's

"Treasue Island"

by Robert Louis Stevenson adapted by Daniel Cambridge
"15 men on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum"

Why not begin your summer with a a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas. Come aboard the "Hispaniola" if you dare and with Jim Hawkins and his treasure map search for Captain Flint's treasure. But "when searching for gold beware of Silver" Long John Silver of course, as he wants it more than you.
Off The Ground's Latest Youth Theatre production will be in Fort Perch Rock, look for the Jolly Roger and you've found the right place.

Open-air performance please bring a blanket and something to sit on.

The performance will be on Wed 20th, Thur 21st, Fri 22nd June 2012. At Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton, Beginning at 7.30pm

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