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Grimm Tales


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Join Off the Ground’s youth theatre for a grisly retelling of The Grimm Tales



These are the fairytales you think you know and love!




From our Monday and Thursday groups, come down to Royden Park on July 7th and 8th at 7pm for a promenade, magic-and-mayhem experience.



Tickets available online by clicking here. 

(Please note - tickets bought online are valid for either show)




DNA Eclipse

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Off the Ground's Thursday group present two short plays written specifically for young people as part of the National Theatre Connections festival. In DNA, a group of teenagers do something bad, something really bad. When they panic and cover the whole thing up, they find that their scheming unites them and brings harmony to their otherwise fractious lives, so where's the incentive to put things right?


After an Eclipse six friends are interviewed by the police, following the disappearance of Lucy Lime, a strange, unnerving girl - 'I am a walking Universe, I am' - whom they met on the beach beneath the cliffs.


These two brilliant short plays are both funny and moving and offer a glimpse into what it is like to be a teenager today.


Heswall Hall, 7:30pm

£6 Adults

£4 Concessions


Tickets for these productions are available online by clicking here, or on the door on the night.



OTG Wonderland



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Join Alice as she tumbles down the rabbit hole on a 50 minute interactive adventure. Journey into Wonderland, where your decisions determine what you see and where you are taken, from playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts to taking part in a Caucus Race.

Thursday 30th June

Friday 1st July

Saturday 2nd July


Shows at 7pm and 8pm

There are two route options, which are determined by the cake you choose upon arrival. It is possible to see both routes on the same evening by purchasing a Double Journey ticket, available here.


Places for these shows are strictly limited. As a result, tickets must be bought online.


When buying tickets, please note that there are different options for the purchase of single journey tickets (£7) and double journey tickets (£10). Please only select the tickets for the routes you intend to see. For example, if you wish to see both shows on the Friday evening, you should select ‘Wonderland - Friday (Double Journey)’ tickets.


Our World


our world 

Our Monday group's performance at Tmesis Theatre's YoungFest as part of PhysicalFestwill take place on May 8th. Ticket information will be posted here as soon as it is available. We are also exploring the possibility of a mini-tour for this production, performing it alongside OTG's Thursday group as a double bill to youth theatres across the north west. The production itself is a devised physical theatre piece inviting you to enter their minds as they attempt to answer the weird and wonderful questions that fall out. What is life actually all about? Isn't Donald Trump a really funny name? How will I know if I'm actually happy? What would happen if all my teachers turned into animals? Come and support the fantastically talented future of Off the Ground.


Titus Andronicus


Off the Ground Youth Theatre present


Titus Andronicus

By William Shakespeare



Titus Poster


“Vengeance is in my heart, death in my hand, Blood and revenge are hammering in my head”


Off the Ground Youth Theatre is beginning its 20th year with its most ambitious and exciting project to date. On 4th – 6th February twenty-five of the youth theatre’s senior members will be performing Shakespeare goriest tragedy, Titus Andronicus, in Heswall Hall, Wirral.

Off the Ground Theatre started working on the Wirral in 1996 and have produced over a hundred shows, featuring young talent from across Merseyside and the Northwest. Over the last year the youth theatre have worked on a huge outdoor retelling of Lord of the Flies, were only the second company in the country after the RSC to produce the Chinese classic The Orphan of Zhao, and created a piece for Liverpool’s International PhysicalFest, but Titus is set to be a their biggest challenge yet. The group have been working for twelve weeks to create the world of rivalry and revenge that make this play so thrilling.

One of Shakespeare’s first and, without doubt, his bloodiest play, sees the great Roman General, Titus Andronicus, returning from a successful campaign against the Goths. After the sacrificial killing of one of the Goth princes, Tamora, the newly advanced Empress of Rome, silently plots her revenge against the Andronicus family. What follows is a lurid tale of murder, rape, and mutiny; a lot of revenge and a little bit of pie. The role of Aaron, one of Shakespeare’s most evil characters, is being played by Elliott Davies (18). He says, “There is apparently a rape, murder or mutilation, on average, every 91 lines in this play. And with the cuts we’ve made its probably down to about 50 lines. It is a fast-moving, dark play which asks what price we pay for revenge.”

The staging is also seen to be an important part of this production. “We didn’t want to make everything around dark and grimy – after all this is the crème of Roman society – so we have set some of it in an art gallery,” said Jack Saunders (18) who is playing Demetrius. “The fact that the violence takes place in such a refined setting helps reinforce how bloody and brutal it is.”



Tickets available here.



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