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March News


The weather is improving and soon the clocks will spring forward, giving us all an extra hour of daylight to enjoy. Here at Off the Ground we never like to let that go to waste, and so we have begun working on a number of Summer projects for you to get excited about.



Our Monday groups performance at Tmesis Theatre's YoungFest as part of PhysicalFestwill take place on May 8th. Ticket information will be posted here as soon as it is available. We are also exploring the possibility of a mini-tour for this production, performing it alongside OTG's Thursday group as a double bill to youth theatres across the north west. The production itself is a devised physical theatre piece inviting you to enter their minds as they attempt to answer the weird and wonderful questions that fall out. What is life actually all about? Isn't Donald Trump a really funny name? How will I know if I'm actually happy? What would happen if all my teachers turned into animals? Come and support the fantastically talented future of Off the Ground.



Meanwhile, our Wednesday group have begun work on their next project. Come the Summertime they will be performing an interactive, promenade performance of Alice in Wonderland. This performance promises to be as challenging to the cast as the script is bonkers, and will be great fun for all of the family. As always, keep checking here for more information on this as it becomes available. 



Off the Ground are also working toward a headline performance at Tmesis Theatre's PhysicalFest. This production will be called 'Creature', having been confirmed in March, so check back next month for the definite details of dates, times and ticket information. 



Our Summer production of Zorro is currently being redrafted, ready for the first round of auditions, which will take place in mid-April. Anybody interested in auditioning for this year's touring production should contact Off the Ground at 0151 625 2929, email us, or drop us a message on Facebook



Once again Off the Ground would like to make you all aware of the latest updates and changes to the website. All of our youth theatre tutors will soon have their own profile pages, the majority of which are already live here if you would like to know more about those at OTG charged with nurturing the next generation of fantastic actors. There is also the option to pay for youth theatre fees online via Paypal. To do this simply click here or follow the 'Buy Tickets Online' link at the top of the page. If you should encounter any problems just get in touch via phone or email and we will endeavour to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 




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February News

February is upon us. For all of us at Off the Ground it is a month for reflecting on another fantastic Youth Theatre performance, and for planning our next projects.


Before we get to that however, there have been some changes made to our website which may be of great benefit to all.


Head over to our Youth Theatre section to see a profile of all of our youth theatre tutors this term. While you’re checking out this information, why not pay the youth theatre fees for the term? The options for payment have now been extended to include online support as well. You can find the link to pay your fees here, or alternatively head to our Buy Tickets Online page. Though it appears as an event booking the registration process will head straight to our Youth Theatre team. For any questions or enquiries during the process just give us a call or an email.



Thank you very much to all who came to support the Wednesday group in their gruesome, clinical portrayal of Titus Andronicus. It was a great success and all involved can be very proud of themselves.


We only look ahead however, and so our thoughts turn now to projects that are upcoming this term and through into the Summer. First our Monday group will be partaking in Tmesis Theatre’s PhysicalFest, as part of the YoungFest celebrations, at the Bluecoat in Liverpool. Their contribution to the festival will be a devised physical theatre piece inviting you to enter their minds as they attempt to answer the weird and wonderful questions that fall out. What is life actually all about? Isn't Donald Trump a really funny name? How will I know if I'm actually happy? What would happen if all my teachers turned into animals?



Entirely inspired by the experiences of these talented youngsters, this production is set to commence in May. Keep an eye on this page for further updates.


Our Thursday group are also creating a physical theatre piece, the details of which will be released shortly. This will be set for production late this term, or early in the Summer.


Meanwhile our Wednesday group, after their success with Titus Andronicus, have wasted no time at all in moving onto the next show. Workshop sessions have already taken place this month to try and establish the nature of the next performance, and production meetings are scheduled for the end of the month to make some final decisions.


The Summer tour of Zorro is almost completely written, ready for some edits and touching up before auditions arrive in April/May time. Anybody interested in auditioning for this year’s touring production should continue checking this page for updates.



Other productions are also currently in the developmental phase for all groups, youth theatre and otherwise.



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January News



Happy New Year!


Off the Ground would like to wish everybody all the very best for 2016.


Why not kick-start the year with some fantastic theatre? Come and see our next performance, performed by our fantastic Wednesday youth theatre group, set in a refined, dystopian world of backstabbing, murder and revenge:


Titus Andronicus

by William Shakespeare

4th, 5th and 6th February


Heswall Hall, 19:30pm


Tickets are available here.

(Some tickets, dependent on numbers, will be available on the door on the night of the performances.)

WARNING: Some adult themes.



In other OTG news, our Monday and Thursday groups have started work in the new term. They are both currently working towards physical theatre pieces which will be performed in the coming months. Performance dates for this year’s YoungFest and PhysicalFest are imminent.

As ever, keep checking here for the latest in times, dates, and ticket information.


Our Summer production of Zorro is really getting started now, with dates being confirmed, scripts being finalised and concepts of production being discussed. Stay on the lookout for posters and flyers containing all the show information closer to the Summer months.


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December News


The festive season is upon us and Off the Ground would like to wish all of our supporters the happiest of holidays.

An abundance of mince pies and wetter weather have not stopped the hard work of our youth theatre, who are working hard toward a number of exciting projects.

Our Monday group have been developing a number of crucial theatrical skills this term, and will be showcasing what they have learned at a lighthearted cabaret evening:


Monday 14th December – 7:30pm – Comedy Cabaret Evening


The event will be held at Calday Grange Grammar School Drama Studio. It is free to attend, so come on down and show your support for the fantastic next generation of Off the Ground.


Looking ahead to the New Year, the Wednesday group are in rehearsals for Titus Andronicus, which will take place at Heswall Hall between the 4-6th February. To keep up with the latest news and ticket information surrounding this show, be sure to check back here in the coming weeks. If the rehearsals so far are any indicator, then it is a show you definitely won’t want to miss.


Our Thursday group are working toward putting their excellent training this term to practice, in a physical theatre piece that will be performed next year, while performances at the 2016 YoungFest and PhysicalFest in Liverpool are still to come. Our touring Summer production of Zorro is also in development. As ever, keep up to date with the company online for details.


To follow the OTG blog, which recently relived Artistic Director Dan Meigh’s (hilarious) trip to China, click here.


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November News

The cold and rainy Autumn nights are well upon us, but fortunately they held off just long enough for our youth theatre's production of If You Go Down to the Woods Tonight... over Hallowe'en. The performances went well and were very well received. Audiences left deeply disturbed, the overriding feedback being;


'Well, I wasn't expecting that.'  


That's all done with now however, and looking forward there are plenty of excellent productions still to come. Our Monday group are working hard towards their Comedy Cabaret night, to showcase some of the skills they have been learning this term. Performances at the 2016 YoungFest have been confirmed for this group as well, while our older groups will be taking part in PhysicalFest in Liverpool in 2016. 


We are in the development stages of a number of other exciting projects, so keep checking in here to find out more about them as they are announced. 


Our Summer touring production of Zorro is still in its writing phase, and is progressing very well indeed. 


Off the Ground now also has a blog, sharing stories of Summer tours, past events in OTG history and all things strange, heartfelt and entertaining. To follow the blog, click here.


As ever, to be kept up to date with all things OTG, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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