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The Viceroy of New Spain, aided by the evil Ramón family, has turned New Mexico into a tyrannical, poverty-stricken wasteland for the townspeople. Their legendary hero, Zorro, is their only hope of relief and resolution. As the rebel group The Alliance attempt to fight back, Zorro must be smarter than he has ever been to stop the Ramóns from turning his beloved people against him. Can he change his ways to stop them?

Come and join OTG’s touring production to find out!





The Musketeers

Off The Ground Presents
The Musketeers
Adapted by Daniel G Cambridge
Off the Ground Theatre are busy sharpening their rapiers, practising lunges and flirting outrageously in preparation
for this summer's touring production of The Musketeers
There will be overwhelming amounts of swash and buckle as the, now slightly older, heroes with a little help from some young blood, charm women (and some men), quaff wine and fight off Spanish and Dutch spies- all in the name of France.  The production  features a cast and crew of seventeen actors and inordinate amounts of panache, so bring a picnic and a bottle, family and friends and come and enjoy the show.
With Seven new venues and many of your old favourites there's plenty of beautiful places to choose from.
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Jason and the Argonauts

Off The Ground presents

Jason & The Argonauts

A tale of Greek Myths and Legends

Adapted for the stage by Andrew Byron

"Storm winds gather, creatures of the deep awaken. Unleash the fury and release the Kraken!!!"

 This Summer join Off The Ground as they embark on an epic adventure, with Jason and his heroic Argonauts. Watch how the mighty God's of Greece, Zeus and Hera, play with human lives to satisfy their desires.See how Jason uses all his strength and wit to evade the beastly minotaur, how he and his gang avoid certain doom from the women on the Isle of Lemnos, and how they evade the lure from the enchanting sounds of the Sirens…and ultimately win in the quest for the Golden Fleece.Can Jason survive and return home to claim his right to the throne? A summer show not to be missed, packed full of song, danger and heroic adventure across the seas.





Comedy of Errors

Off The Ground Theatre


"Comedy of Errors"

by William Shakespeare


 “We came into the world like brother and brother,
And now let's go hand in hand, not one before another.”

Shakespeare's joyful comedy of mistaken identity follows the fortunes of two sets of identical twins, accidentally separated at birth, then miraculously thrown together again. In a town the size of Ephesus, events like these can only lead to confusion.

This most farcical of comedies is a carnival of clowning and a laugh out loud treat for the whole family to enjoy. So bring a picnic, your friends and maybe even a bottle or two of wine and revel in the antics in Ephesus.

Another triumph for Off the Ground – the company never fails to unearth new, young talent.” ***** The Public Reviews, Peter Pan (2012)

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Peter Pan

Off The Ground Presents

“Peter Pan”

By  J.M Barrie

Are you ready? Then let’s fly to Neverland!
Watch out because there are Indians lurking in the forest, mermaids who wish to drown you and of course the most sinister and black-hearted pirate ever to have sailed the seven seas, Captain Hook. Whose nemesis the ticking crocodile is never far away... But never fear, for you will be with Peter Pan! The boy who wouldn't grow up.

Join our eighteen strong cast and travel with us second on the right and straight on till morning! Wendy and her brothers will feel just as lost and mystified as you in this strange and fantastical land where anything is possible and all four seasons may pass by as you are filling up a jug of water! Peter and his lost boys will take good care of you as you join in with their famous adventures and meet all your favourite characters from J.M Barrie’s classic tale.

Bring a picnic and something to sit on for your family and friends as you spend your evening not on Earth but in the Neverland.



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