February News

February is upon us. For all of us at Off the Ground it is a month for reflecting on another fantastic Youth Theatre performance, and for planning our next projects.


Before we get to that however, there have been some changes made to our website which may be of great benefit to all.


Head over to our Youth Theatre section to see a profile of all of our youth theatre tutors this term. While you’re checking out this information, why not pay the youth theatre fees for the term? The options for payment have now been extended to include online support as well. You can find the link to pay your fees here, or alternatively head to our Buy Tickets Online page. Though it appears as an event booking the registration process will head straight to our Youth Theatre team. For any questions or enquiries during the process just give us a call or an email.



Thank you very much to all who came to support the Wednesday group in their gruesome, clinical portrayal of Titus Andronicus. It was a great success and all involved can be very proud of themselves.


We only look ahead however, and so our thoughts turn now to projects that are upcoming this term and through into the Summer. First our Monday group will be partaking in Tmesis Theatre’s PhysicalFest, as part of the YoungFest celebrations, at the Bluecoat in Liverpool. Their contribution to the festival will be a devised physical theatre piece inviting you to enter their minds as they attempt to answer the weird and wonderful questions that fall out. What is life actually all about? Isn't Donald Trump a really funny name? How will I know if I'm actually happy? What would happen if all my teachers turned into animals?



Entirely inspired by the experiences of these talented youngsters, this production is set to commence in May. Keep an eye on this page for further updates.


Our Thursday group are also creating a physical theatre piece, the details of which will be released shortly. This will be set for production late this term, or early in the Summer.


Meanwhile our Wednesday group, after their success with Titus Andronicus, have wasted no time at all in moving onto the next show. Workshop sessions have already taken place this month to try and establish the nature of the next performance, and production meetings are scheduled for the end of the month to make some final decisions.


The Summer tour of Zorro is almost completely written, ready for some edits and touching up before auditions arrive in April/May time. Anybody interested in auditioning for this year’s touring production should continue checking this page for updates.



Other productions are also currently in the developmental phase for all groups, youth theatre and otherwise.



As ever, to be kept up to date with all the very latest in OTG news and events, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or check out our blog.