Off the Ground Youth Theatre


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“There was a rock that, one day, became magically pregnant. 

Eventually it split open giving birth to a stone monkey.

The nature of monkey was irrepressible!”

Off the Ground Youth Theatre are re-telling one of the greatest stories ever written.  The classic Chinese novel Journey to the West is better known to most Westerners as Monkey, and it tells of a journey to India to collect Buddha's sacred scrolls.  Monkey is joined on the journey by the priest Tripitaka, the lecherous Pigsy and the water-demon Sandy.  But all is not easy for the four pilgrims.  They must overcome dragons, monkey-eating demons, Yama, King of the Dead and being imprisoned in a mountain for five hundred years before they can finish their quest!

Join us; bring a picnic, something to sit on and a thirst for adventure!

Royden Park Thurs 4th, Fri 5th and Sat 6th July.

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