Animal Farm



 Animal Farm Poster 1d LQ


Join OTG’s youngest youth theatre group for a night of rebellion on Animal Farm.

When Snowball, Napoleon and Squealer formalise Old Major’s plans for rebellion and lead the other animals against their human overlords, the future looks bright. After promises of a better farm, a stronger and more stable home away from the turbulent relationship with humans, the animals work harder and happier towards a common purpose. The harder they work toward it, and the closer they feel they get, the further away their dream of a self-sufficient, self-powering farm seem. The goal posts are forever changing, at the hands of the pigs in charge. Soon, the animals see what leadership does to those who possess it, what the will of the people really means to them, and what happens when ideals triumph over critical thought.

George Orwell’s allegorical tale, adapted for the stage by Peter Hall, strikes to the core of political promise versus results. It highlights the politics of leadership itself, and what those in power are prepared to do to stay there. A challenging piece, tackled by OTG’s energetic stars of the future.



Heswall Hall

Friday 9th February

Saturday 10th February

7:30pm (doors at 7pm)

£7 Adults

£5 Concessions

Tickets available here.