Peter Pan

Off The Ground Presents

“Peter Pan”

By  J.M Barrie

Are you ready? Then let’s fly to Neverland!
Watch out because there are Indians lurking in the forest, mermaids who wish to drown you and of course the most sinister and black-hearted pirate ever to have sailed the seven seas, Captain Hook. Whose nemesis the ticking crocodile is never far away... But never fear, for you will be with Peter Pan! The boy who wouldn't grow up.

Join our eighteen strong cast and travel with us second on the right and straight on till morning! Wendy and her brothers will feel just as lost and mystified as you in this strange and fantastical land where anything is possible and all four seasons may pass by as you are filling up a jug of water! Peter and his lost boys will take good care of you as you join in with their famous adventures and meet all your favourite characters from J.M Barrie’s classic tale.

Bring a picnic and something to sit on for your family and friends as you spend your evening not on Earth but in the Neverland.